Best Free Microsoft Office Alternatives

Microsoft Office has been industry standard office suite for a long time and will be in coming years. But as with everything else competition is catching up quickly. If you don’t like spending money on softwares or just need one or two programs from an office suite and are looking for free Microsoft office alternatives then here is a list.

1) Google Apps/Docs

Google Docs

Google docs is the browser based online office suite from the search engine giant. You get Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Sheets for Word, PowerPoint and Excel, respectively. It has an excellent compatibility with Microsoft Office files like .docx, .pptx, .xlsx, etc. Google docs has an office compatibility mode which preserves the formatting done to files in Microsoft Office Suite. You can save your files in your google drive, share and collaborate with your colleagues. You can even set up Google Docs to work offline. It also has autosave feature which saves the document everytime you stop writing. Google Docs is also available on Android and iOS. Google Docs is an very good Microsoft Office alternative if you have an uninterrupted internet connection.

2) Libre Office

Libre Office

Libre Office has been around for quite sometime now and the open-source office suite is nothing but a complete solution. The new update even brings the Ribbon UI to the Libre Office. It has Writer, Calc and Impress for Word, Excel and PowerPoint, respectively. It also has massive file format support including the popular .docx, .pptx and .xlxs. The open-source office suite has a very large community. Libre Office even has draw for diagrams, base for database which is equivalent to Microsoft Access, Math which is formula editor and Charts. This office suite does not have Andoid and iOS apps but has an viewer app which has an experimental editing feature. All in all Libre Office is an complete office suite which is an excellent Microsoft Office alternative.

3) WPS Office

WPS Office

WPS office looks almost like Microsoft Office in the first glance. WPS office has the most compatibility with Microsoft Office files in comparison to other Office Suites in my experience. It also has very good template library. WPS office has Writer, Presentation and SpreadSheets for Word, PowerPoint and Excel, respectively. WPS Office also has a paid version which removes ads and gives unlimited exports to PDF format. It is an very good choice if you don’t mind ads when starting the programs and sometimes when the program is not even open. WPS also has Android Apps for it’s Office Suite. On a side note, I use WPS office and this article is written in WPS Writer.


4) Free Office

Free Office

Softmaker’s Free Office is an good office suite which is available for free. The company also has paid versions but the difference is very minimal between the free and paid versions and you are better off with the free version. Free Office has an good support for Microsoft Office files. It offers TextMaker, Presentations and PlanMaker for Word, PowerPoint and Excel, respectvely. Free Office also has Android Apps for you to make and edit documents on the go.

5) Microsft Office Online

Office Online

Microsoft also offers it’s stripped down version of the office suite online. It is an browser based office which is very good if you like browser based apps like Google Docs. Office Online also has Skype integration for chatting with other users. It is very little known Office Suite but is a very good alternative to Office 365 which has a monthly subscription.




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