Best Free Video Editors 2018

There was a time when people had to spend a decent amount of money to get there hands on a powerful video editing software. But these days that is not the case. The softwares listed here do not have any watermark while exporting the final project. So let’s begin.

1) Hitfilm Express 2018



Hitfilm Express 2018 is almost a dream come true for people looking for free video editing software. It has loads of effects and transition which you can control with accurate keyframes. There is also an compositor in-built so that you can do all the fancy animations without opening another software. Although the team behind the software is quite small but they are ready to take on big corporations.

There also Ignite Express which is a set of 90+ plug-ins for free. You can also increase the functionality of Hitfilm Express with the add-ons which range from 10$ to 50$.

2) Davinci Resolve 15

Blackmagic Design’s Davinci Resolve is an industry standard colour correction software. They added video editing capabilities to the software a few years back and made a version free to use. Although the learning curve is quite high but if you get a hang of it, you can make wonders with this free video editing software. To apply some effects you’ll have to learn node based editing which is quite different from layer based editing.

Blackmagic Design also has a compositing software called Fusion which is also has a free version. Fusion is also node based compositing software.

3) Lightworks

Lightworks projects itself as the professional video editor for everyone and that is true. The non-linear video editing software was used to cut ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, so you know it is an industry standard piece of software. It has lots of effects and transitions which you can use to enhance your videos. Although the free version is only limited to exporting the video in 720p and 1080p for Vimeo. The paid version has 3 options, 24.99$ monthly, 174.99$ yearly and 437.99$ outright.

4) Shotcut

Shotcut is a great piece of software which is available for free. Shotcut supoorts 4K editing and also has audio editing capabilities. It has a steep learning curve but there are a lot of tutorials and an very active community supporting it. Keyframing was also added in the latest version. It is also a cross-platform software available for Windows, Linux and macOS.



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